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Product Main function Chemical Composition Ionic Nature Technical Advantages Application
JintergEco OPN Special multifuntional emulsifing agent Ethoxylated Surfactants N
Removes oil, wax and polyacrylic size to avoid the staining on the fabric.
Synthetic fabrics and Lycra blends
JintergEco HT Heavy oil detergent Special compound of surfactans N
Heavy oil, dirt and stain remover
All kinds of fabrics
JintergEco SSN Scouring & desizing agent Ethoxylated surfactants A/N Removes the PAC size,oil,and wax,prevents-re-staining of size. Synthetic fiber
Scouring and emulsifing agent Ethoxylated surfactants A/N
Good emulsification and dispersion,removes oil and wax in acid bath.
Synthetic fiber
JintergEco LCF Scouring and wetting agent Ethoxylated sulfate derivatives A/N
Removes the dirty oil and wax;good wetting and rewetting power.
All kinds of fabrics
JintergEco KS Scouring and wetting agent Special sulfated surfactants A
Resistes to oxidant,reductant,high temperature and alkali.
Continuous pretreating
Wetting agent Aliphatic alcohol phosphate A
Resists alkali,oxidant and reductant,very good wetting power .
Continuous pretreating and reduction dyeing with vat and indigo dyes
Wetting agent Aliphatic alcohol ethoaylated N
Good compatibility with auxiliaries, resins, enzyme.
Desizing, dyeing and finishing
Hydrogen peroxide stabilizer Non-silicate organic salt N
Prevents fouling, clogging and silicte spot problem during on sequential dyeing;regulates decomposition the hydrogen peroxide in bleaching.
Peroxide bleaching
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