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Product Main function Chemical Composition Ionic Nature Technical Advantages Application
Jintesalt DKN Buffering agent for PES dyeing Special surfactants N Reduction inhibitor,preventsimperfect fixing and unevenness of color.  
Printing and dyeing
JintexEco FR liq. Anti-reducing agent Special oxidant A Levelling and barre covering effect;speeds up heating and saves time Polyamide and protein fibres
JinlevEco NL Levelling&retarding agent Special surfactants AM* For acid and metallized dyes,covers physical affinity differences;improves migration. Polyamide andprotein fibres
Jinsperse DS Dispersing agent Sulfonated naphtyalene formaldehyde condensate A Non-foaming;excellent dispersion,reduce dyes agglomeration,speed up dyes paste dispersion. Disperses anionic dyes
Dispersing and levelling agent Special surfactants A Non-foaming;excellent dispersing effect;increases dyes solubility;prevents in-out side color difference in cheese dyeing. Cellulosics and their blends
Jinlev CRN
Jinlev HL
Carrier Levelling agent Sorbitan isostearate Derivatives Ethoxylate ester A/N Low order;excellent migration and level out ability to critical and uneven dyeing . Polyester and their blends
JinlevEco YDL Levelling agent for yarn dyeing Special surfactants C/N Low-foaming and resists salt,improve machine stainapplicable to all konds of dueingmachine. Polyester cheese,yarn and high count fabric dyeing
JinlevEco NLA Levelling & barrier covering agent Aliphatic acid sufate derivatives AM* For acid and metal complex dyes; prevents barre with remarked levelling and migration effect, good bath exhaustion.
Polyamide and protein fibres
JinlevEco RLA Dispersing and levelling agent Ethoxylated aliphatic esterderivatives N Low-foaming,resists acid,alkal(pH=12),excellent dispersing &. levelling effect. Polyester and their blends.
Jintex RH soda ash replacting agent Special organic compound - Replaces conventional soda ash,needs only 1/4 of soda ash and liquid form easy operation,saves working time,cost and storage ares;alsoeasily to wash off. Alkali fixing agent with reactive dyes
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