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Product Main function Chemical Composition Ionic Nature Technical Advantages Application
JintergEco MC Machine cleaning agent Special surfactants N Removes oligomer and dirt that deposited on the machine.
J-box,Jigger winch,jet,beam,airflow and jet¡­etc
JintergEco OLA Cleaner Special surfactants A Prevents staining of oligomer,impurity and dirt in wet process; Dyeing,Cleaning,Washing
Reduction HCS Readuction clearing agent Mixture oforganic ester and inorgaanic salts N Used alone and needs no alkali and hydro,its particles will not fly up. Polyester fibres
Reduction HAS Readuction clearing agent Mixture oforganic andinorganic salts N Used alone in acid bath and outstanding effect for microfiber dyed goods. Plyester and polyamidde fibres
Soaping agent Special surfactants N Washing and removing effect at unfix dyes also ground's bleeding;replaces conventional reduction clearing. Dyed and printed Goods after-washing
JinsoapEco AW-505 Anti-back staining Soaping agent Ethoxylatedfatty ester N Excellent dispersing effect,resist indigo and reactive dyes to precipitate on fabric. Desizing,denim washing andwashing process
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