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Product Main function Chemical Composition Ionic Nature Technical Advantages Application
Biofinishing denim washing Cellulase -
Optimum temperature 5565; pH range 4.55.5
Fabric and garme fuzz removing anti-pilling
Oxide remover Catalase -
Removes oxidant at low temperature and reactive dyeing in same bath; saves the rinsing times, water and reduces waste water.
Removes residual oxidant at the end of bleaching
JintexyEco DZH Enzyme desizing agent -Amylase - Stable in high temperature bath(optimum 8595);pH range from 5.09.5;saves treatment times,has high effciency. Steaming and high temperature desizing of sized PVA and starch
Jintexyme NWG Denim finishing Neutral cellulase - Optimum temperature 4555;pH range 68. Garment washing high contrast lowre-staining
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