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Product Main function Chemical Composition Ionic Nature Technical Advantages Application
Antistatic agent Special surfactants AM*
Prevents pilling problem, artistatic effect.
Synthetic fiber finishing
Antistatic agent Special surfactants AM*
Can be used together with water repellent.
Synthetic fiber finishing
Raising agent Silicone emulsion C/N
Reduces friction coefficients during nap raising, smooth surface and fluffy soft hand.
Synthetic, spun, cellulose fabrics raising
Lubricant & softener Wax emulsion derivatives N
Good lubricanting effect and lmprove tear strength with other resin.
Synthetics and cellulose fibres
Softener Aliphatic ester derivatives N Smooth surface and fluffy soft hand Synthetic and cellulose fibers
JinsofEco CS Softener Aliphatic amide C
Easily to dissolve in cold water, fluffy soft hand.
All kinds of fibers
Softener Aliphatic ester derivatives WC
Minimum yellowing smooth and fluffy soft hand.
All kinds of fibers
JinsofEcoMM Hydrophilic amino silicone Amion silicone micro emulsion WC
Low yellowing,good hydrophilic,Durable wash at 10 times.
All kinds of fibers
JinsofterCMC Hydrophilic softener Aliphatic amide C/N
Low yellowing,to bleaching goods,Concentrated sanforiaing lubricant that provides both wetting and rewetting for denim finishing.
All kinds of fabricsspecially for undershirt or tower fabrics denim finishing
JinsofEcoTWM Sweat absorbing and soil release Polyaromatic ester derivatives C
Antistatic,sweat absorbing and soil release Durable wash at 25 times.
Synthetic fibers
Softener for fluorocarbon water repellent Aliphatic amidederivatives C
Used together with water repellent fluorocarbon system;good compatibility with resins.
All kinds of fibers
JinsofEco SNS Bulky softener Silicone emulsion N Bulky,fluffy soft hand All kinds of fibers
JinsofEco AS Softening lubrication agent Amion silicone micro emulsion WC Imparts pleasant,soft smooth and silky hand. All kinds of fibers
JinsofEco OZC Hydropgilic softener Aliphatic amide C/N Protection against ozone fading of indigo dyed denim. Garment denim
JinsofEco ESC Reactive elastomer Silicone derivatives C Excellent elasticity,resilience,wrinkle recovery. All kinds of fibers
JintexEco FCC FCN Crosslinking agent Special crosslinking agent C/N Increase durability of water repellency. Water repellentfinish
Jintexer DFP DDP Color deeper Special polyacrylate C/N Increase the color depth. Synthetic fabrics
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