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         Jintex chemical (Suzhou) CO.,LTD. was founded in year 2005 at JiangsuProvince, Changsou Economic Development Industrial Zone (A centralized chemical area).Suzhou Fubin is a
Singapore based investment by Genstar (Singapore) Investment Pte Ltd. It is a major distributor for Taiwan-based Jintex Group and US-based Dupont in China for chemical leather.

        The company has completed first phase on the transfer of capital of 12 mio USD and has registered capital of 5 mio USD. Annual production of fine chemicals and intermediates are about 15000 tons.Business scope includes Textiles intermediates and chemicals product, Leather chemicals, Electronic chemicals, Paper making chemicals, various. surfactant and specialty chemicals.Other than support local textiles mills and leather producers, we also export to Asian countries. Presently, we are on the course of planning for the second phase of investment, which target schedule is on year 2010 to finish.Investment would be on specialty chemicals for electronic materials and fine chemicals for high end product measured at 10,400 tons, upgrading the production capacity and product scope, improve and achieve the requirements of the downstream.
       Suzhou Fubin plant is equipped with 14 sets of reactor and conversion unit, instruments with high quality precision, used to produce products of guaranteed high quality and stability.
        The company¡¯s technical personnel account for half of the total manpower resource. The company believes that people are their asset therefore regular training and upgrade of knowledge is very important for better performance.This gives assurance for the high standard and quality of the people.
        Shanghai Fubin has always been aggressive to the development of the quality requirement of the market demand. They make every effort to serve superior and stable quality product. We become partners with our valued customer and put forth our effort with our potential customers by creating refined product for international competitiveness.

       Corporate Value £º Integrity ¡¢Care¡¢Innovation¡¢Service
  Corporate Principle £º Enthusiastic¡¢Safety¡¢Quality¡¢Discipline


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