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        Suzhou Fubin has worked very hard to create new products with strong added value. These are the result of working with research institutes, suppliers and customers and employing a combination of state of art technologies operated by highly qualified and professional staff.
        Our research covers the whole product cycle, from initial analysis of chemical properties and structure, to development of samples in the laboratory, which is then followed by small batch trials and finally a pilot plant trial. During customer product runs, technical personnel are always on hand to understand and fully satisfy our customers¡¯ needs.

        To develop various types of highly efficient specialty chemicals.To create products with high added value for our customers.To continually increase quality.To reduce costs and to minimize pollution

    > Driven by meeting customers' need both in China and overseas.
    > Strengthening of Research Institutes, integration of research and development of professional manpower, technology and equipment to strengthen competition in the market niche.
    > Cooperate with foreign companies to channel new technologies into Jintex.
    > Recruit high caliber professionals to bring in more different perspectives.

    > High performance chemicals for the leather industry,High performance water-repellent and up-stream chemicals for use in all stages of the manufacturing process.
    > Specialty chemicals for the textile industry,High performance water based Polyurethanes,Other specialty chemicals.

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