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        Jintex is a leading brand in industrial chemicals.Our products ars used in a wide variety of inductries,including textile-s,dyeing,leather processing,papermaking,electronics,and many others.
        To this date,Jintex has already established six business¡¢centers with manufacturing,R&D and technical service functions
throughout Taiwan,Mainland China,Indonesia and India with more than 200 employees and production capacity in excess of MT30,000 per annum.
1978     Jintex Limited is founded.The company starts by distributing textile additivres and industrial chemicals for many     well-know international companies.
1983     The company's first plant in Nan-Kan,Tao-Yuan Country starts production.
1986     A joint venture agreement is entered with a French counterpart,Protex Chemicals Ltd.,enabling Jintex to acquire     advanced synthetic reaction technology.
1987     The new plant in Da-Yuan goes into production using high quality equipment and R&D facilities to upgrade the     manufacturing process and research capability.
1994     Jintex establishes P.T. Jindo Industry,a subsidiary in Indonesia.
1995     Jintex enters an agreement with West-Penetone Corporation of Canada,thereby receiving the manufacturing
    rights for the production of various bio-degradable industrial cleaners and sanitizers,as well as the right to use
    West-Penetone's trademark on Jintex products.
1996     Jintex successfully completes its ISO 9001 Accreditation Program and is awarded the ISO 9001 Assurance     Certificate by TUV Rheinland,Germany.
1998     Foshan Fubou Fine Aux.Co.Ltd.,Guangdong,China,is completed and commences production.
2000     Shanghai Fubin Fine Chemicals Co.Ltd.,Shanghai,China,is completed and begins production.
2002     Jintex succeeds in the industrial production of leather processing chemicals.¡£
2003     Jintex becomes the sole agent for the sales of DuPontTM Teflon? leather protector in Great China.

    In July, Jintex applies to become a public traded company on the Taiwan stock market.
    Plans are made to establish a subsidiary in India and expand market share in India, Central Asia, and Europe.
    Plans are made to establish a third plant in China, in order to increase production capacity and support continued
    sales growth.
    Jintex becomes an OTC listed company on the Taiwan stock market.

2005     Jintex becomes an OTC listed company on the Taiwan stock market.
    Jintex introduces laFanta, specialty chemicals for functional processing, to global market.

    Jintex is recognized as "Successful Upgrading and Transformation Corporate" by Small and Medium Enterprise     Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan.Jintex proceeds strategic alliance with a major partner in     Bangladesh, Jintex's biggest foreign market, to start the construction of a production site.

    Prospects :
>     Continuously strengthen our leadership position in domestic Taiwan market, and progressively expand into the     China, Asian and gradually global markets.
>     Continuously enlarge textile and leather specialty chemical businesses, and gradually engage into the electronic     specialty chemical business.

    Continuously develop international strategic alliances and our collaboration with key customers, selective industry     leaders and research institutes.

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