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        Jintex now carries a wide range of quality products that have been developed as a result of a combination of the use of modern facilities, highly refined manufacturing processes and experienced engineers.
        At present, Jintex owns a variety of high-tech equipment, such as glass reactors, stainless steal reactors, mixers, homog-enizers and pilot plants. All facilities are fully automatic and are controlled from a central station, which ensures complete manufacturing precision and quality.After many years of experience, Jintex is capable of precisely operating various kinds of synthetic reaction technologies such as esterification, phosphation, sulfation, sulfonation, amidation, quaternization, polyme-rization, emulsion, oxidation, reduction, condensation and addition etc...
        Committed to the responsibility of a corporate citizen, Jintex undertakes the environment protection as an integral part of its operation.Wastewater and exhausted air treatment facilities have been built to meet the standards of EPA¡¯s regulations.Jintex also has dedicated to the research and development of low COD/BOD products.And further efforts have been made to reduce the impact of the products on mankind and the environment during their production, storage, transportation, sale, use and disposal.

       In 1996, Jintex successfully completes its ISO 9001 Accreditation Program and is awarded the ISO 9001 Assurance Certificate.
        Jintex has satisfied all aspects of many international standards for manufacturing, operation, and quality control.All features of our operations have been standardized and incorporated into a stringent quality control system.With constant cross-referencing, Jintex has fulfilled all the quality guarantees made to customers.
Quality Assurance Policy
    To completely satisfy the customers¡¯ requirement by establishing and maintaining quality control programs to the highest standard.
Certified Products
    Surfactants, Specialty Auxiliary Chemicals and Optical Whitening Agent for Application in Textile, Paper, Concrete, and other Industries as well as Industrial Cleaners and Household Cleaners.
Certifying Agent
    TUV Rheinland Taiwan LTD

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